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Hunza is probably the most visited valley in Pakistan, by the tourists. It is a wonderland of beautiful and rugged snow-capped mountains. Only at a distance of 100 kilometers. from Gilgit Hunza is a small town on the Karakoram Highway. At an altitude of 7000 – 800 meters it is to stop the first capital or, if you are in Pakistan from China. The central Hunza Karimabad as is known, is basically a town of just 6 villages. The first major location as you come from Gilgit on the main Karakorum highway is Aliabad. There is a spectacular view of Rakaposhi mountain (7788 meters), PTDC Motel Hunza and other small hotels are on the main Karakoram Highway is located here. Just above Aliabad on the hill are Altit and Baltit villages the heart of Hunza. It is a very interesting Bazaar and two Forts in Altit & Baltit villages. The Baltit Fort was conducted recently restored and converted into a museum.

Hunza Culture

Hunza is undoubtly the Shangri-la of James Hilton’s novel lost horizon. It is probably the photogenic point in the world. There are numerous tours and activities from Hunza Below you will find some options for bus / culture find where tourists and adventure lovers there is more info on our Adventure Tours section. As described above, the main bazaar of Hunza full of colorful shops with local dried fruits (dried apricots, apricot nut, almonds, walnuts, mulberry, etc.) At the end of the bazaar is the Baltit village and Baltit fort, which will be restored by the Aga is Khan Fund for Culture and Heritage. The fortress has been placed in a museum you can spend time out in the various sections for the visit of the fortress and view the slide show in the small hall of the castle. At an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level, a nice place to see the sunrise. You can see eight peaks over 7000 meters from here, everyone gets the sunlight one after another rises as the sun. It is a spectacular journey through some of the most interesting villages of Karakorum Highway. This transfer is like an excursion, as it photogenic many points, and we need to stop and see the wonderful landscape of the Karakoram. As we leave Karimabad we adhere to the petroglyphs on the road, later we stop at Gulmit a great view of the cathedral see & Gulmit Tower Hills. Later, we make several stops for Passu, Shispar, Rakaposhi and other nice views. Sost is a small border town, where only in the morning, there are some activities. You must change to the government trainer to go to China.

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