Kashmir The Jugular Vein Of Pakistan: Kashmiri Culture

Kashmir The Jugular Vein Of Pakistan: Kashmiri Culture

Kashmir is the beautiful place called heaven on earth. Indeed, there existed a historical mutuality between the Kashmir and the areas forming part of Pakistan. This relationship of interdependence is pre-partition of the sub-continent. The father of the nation, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah through his visionary statement declared Kashmir as the “jugular vein of Pakistan.” Kashmiri people  are known for their charming beauty, most of the people in the valley are very fair complexioned. They are considered extremely warm, friendly, and hospitable. Kashmir has a rich heritage of poets, writers, philosophers, intellectuals and craftsmen. The most widely spoken language is Kashmiri, an Indo-Aryan language.

Foods and Activities In Kashmiri Culture

The Kashmiris are zealous about their food. Pink tea and black tea (kehwa) are the famous beverages of Kashmiri Culture. In Kashmiri Culture Kashmiris’ use salt in the tea (black tea with milk). As a natural insulator mudded house is used  commonly. People tend to walk a lot instead of using vehicles, that’s the reason they are healthy. The neatness, the perfection, the ideas, everything is just so amazing. Kashmiri handicrafts, carpets, shawls, wood carvings (decoration pieces, door styles, window styles etc.) are famous objects of Kashmiri Culture. One more rare thing is the sandal made of rope (Baan) with the hands. Pheran is knee-length shirt and baggy, the sleeves are loose enough for the arms . Every man, woman and child wears the pheran, it is a famous winter dress. Kashmir Valley music is closer to central Asian music using traditional central Asian instruments.

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