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Murree Valley is one of the most beautiful resorts of Pakistan.It is famous for its cool and pleasant climate. Murree Valley is a mountainous area,situated at an altitude of 7500 feet above sea level forming part of outer Himalayas, situated at 33.35’ north latitude and 73. 27’ eastern longitudes. . Murree lies between Kashmir Point and Pindi Point. As the names suggest Kashmir point gives a panoramic view of snow laden Himalaya and Pir panjal ranges in Kashmir while the Pindi point overlooks national capital Islamabad and adjacent Rawalpindi.


When the Britishers complete the conquest of Punjab in 1848,they had to find a place which could give their families relief from the sweltering heat of plains.Explorations were undertaken and the place now known as Murree was found to be an ideal place for the purpose.It was all thick lush green forests which captured their imagination ,It resembled their country in land scape and climate.They were determined to permanently settle down in Murree.But then when the Montague Chelmsford reforms were introduced in 1919 they were shocked that the ground was slipping from their feet so they started selling their property to hindus and Sikhs .


Weather plays and important part in life and economy of Murree. It has four distinguishable seasons. The area receive heavy rain and hail storms during this season. The fruit trees laden with flowers give a spectacular view. . This is the best season in the area and it receives most number of visitors during this season. Winter starts in December and normally brings heavy snowfall.


Islam is the main religion of Murree, however Christian churches from the British era can still be found in Murree.there are several churches still present at the town still used as a place of worship. The Murree residence of the Punjab Governor is the Kashmir point, an imposing building built in the 19th century by the British. There are Punjab and Sindh Houses to cater needs of the provincial government. Similarly, there are rest houses for the judges of the Supreme Court and Lahore High rge number of educational and training institutions of Pakistan Army which situated at Upper Topa, Kuldana and Barain. Combined Military Hospital established to cater the needs of civilian population of Murree and adjoining areas. Pakistan Air Force also maintains base at Lower Topa. Adjacent to Murree is the Galliat region of NWFP which includes Nathiagalli, Ayubia, Khanspur, Dunga Galli, Khairagalli and Changla Galli.


Malika e kohsaar is known for its scenic beauty. in recent years Bhurban and New Murree (Patriata) have also developed as a tourist centre. Bhurban, boosting with five star Pearl Continental Hotel owned by Pakistan’s best hotel chain. Punjab government is planning to develop New Murree city at Patriata fifteen kilometers southeast of Murree. The Nathiagali region serves as home to all kinds of wildlife; various species of birds, insects, butterflies and animals. Unlike the crows of the southern cities of Pakistan, you will find ravens. Visitors are advised to sun their bedding on arrival to get rid of bed-bugs, and to keep repellants and pesticides for insects as these have a tendency to show up a lot, especially in old homes, and in the monsoon season. Horses are a common sight during summer months and are offered to children and adults alike for rides at rates that are often negotiable.There are plenty of monkeys which are always very playfull.


Murree has a literacy rate of 69%.there is no other rural population with such a high literacy rate in pakistan.the credit goes to people’s love for education and teacher’s dedication.There is modern education system in murree. Presently there is one degree college each for boys and girls each Murree. There are 6 high schools, 15 middle and 109 primary schools for girls. Other than that there are a large number of private schools in every nook and corner of Murree, providing commendable services to the people. Murree is also known for its elitist educational institutions which have been attracting students from across the country since independence. Lawrence college Gora Gali, established as Lawrence Memorial Asylum in 1860 for children of serving or retired British soldiers away from tropical climate of sub-continent provides education from class one to twelve including A level and O level and is popular among Pakistani upper classes. Other schools established after independence include Cadet College Lower Topa, Cadet College Murree Pindi Point, Army Public School. It would be unfair not to mention Murree Christian School which was unfortunately subjected to terrorist attack in 2002. Situated at Garial near Jika Gali Murree Christian School serve educational needs of children of missionaries who serve in Pakistan and neighbouring countries.

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