Pakistan Pashtun Culture and Traditions

Pakistan Pashtun Culture and Traditions

Pashtun culture is related Pashtunwali and Islam. Pashto language and Pashtun dress is the beauty of Pashtun culture. They mostly wear, Shalwar Qameez. In the Kandahar region men wear different varieties of topi and white kufis are famous in Peshawar region. Tribal chiefs sometimes wear a karakul hat. Attan, Khattak dance, Mahsud dance and Waziri dance are performed by dancers to the music.

Pashtun Culture traditional

The traditional Pashto music is klasik, ghazals, tabla, flute and several other intruments of music. Kushal Khattak was a famous poet of Pashtun culture. The tribal society is patriarchical in structure where the law of inheritance, attached with sons as compared to daughters, However, it does not indicate that daughters are deprived of paternal affection. Girls tend to do hand embridory and jewellery , appreciated all over the world. Khamak is unique to Kandahar and shows inspiration from complex Islamic geometric patterns. It is traditionally used to decorate the striking, floor-length shawls worn by Southern Afghan men, as well as table linen, women’s head-coverings, and girls’ wedding trousseaus. The Pashtuns have an immense love for their motherland. They cherish a desire to be buried in their ancestral graveyards beside their near and dear ones. Ladies also making which is very much.People are very hospitable and loving .They welcome the arrival of guests at their place and to be very mehmaan nawazz.

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