Welcome To Pakistan the Land Of Exploration

Pakistan is the land of high adventure and nature. White water rafting, trekking, mountaineering,  wild boar hunting, mountain and desert, the camel, trout fishing and bird watching, are a few aspects, which attract the adventure and nature lovers to Pakistan. My beautiful land  is gifted with a rich and mottled flora and fauna. The Hindukush range, the Karakorams  and the High Himalayas, with their alpine trees and the permanent snow line, coniferous forests, the huge Indus plain merging into the great desert, the coast line and wetlands.
Absolutely Pakistan has unmatched natural beauty. World most beautiful places to visit are there in Pakistan, especially northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir region is famous all around the world.

Kaghan Valley most charming tourist resorts in scenic Hazara division a very old Greek civilization. The people belonging to this civilization are called ‘The Kelash. During summer a huge event called the Shandur polo festival is organized in  Shandur Pas Each, which is a big source of attraction for the tourist.
In the Punjab, Murree and Galliat are the most favorite place for tourist, its charming greenery and scenic beauty that attracts tourist. Khewra salt mine  is second largest salt mines in the world. Khewra Salt Mine is a very popular among tourist. Kallar Kahar has top of hills and the town is in the valley and lake is also in front of mountain enhancing beauty of the valley.

Sindh is famous due to historic places. Kot Diji situated between Ranipur and Khairpur on the highway from Hyderabad is the basic cultural element. Mohen-jo-daro situated on the West bank of the river Indus. Runnikot is the biggest ever-prehistoric stone fort of the world with its walls resembling closely with Great Wall of China. Karachi Harbour is beautiful place.

The beautiful sunset shows a classic view.In Balochistan, Ziarat and Quetta are hill stations. A visit to Quetta is incomplete without a trip to Ziarat.  It remains quite cool during summer and receives enough snowfall during the winter. Gawadar port has beautiful sea side views. It’s an awesome place.

A museum, Rohtas is the museum houses artifacts dating back from the time of Sher Shah Suri’s sword. You can see a collection of old coins, holy book, the armament, the first foundation stone and seal which was laid to the fort are housed in this museum.

Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir Region is one of most attractive place for tourists due to its famous lush greenery, springs, streams, lakes and hills and sloping mountains. Hunza Valley is the most beautiful place to visit in  Gilgit–Baltistan. Rawalakot has many attractions for visitors like Banjosa; Toli Pir; Poonch River; Tatta Pani; Banjosoa Lake; Sudhngalli and many more. To visualize the blessing of GOD Welcome To Pakistan the Land Of Exploration.

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