Women Dressing Sense in Punjabi Culture

Women Dressing Sense in Punjabi Culture

Women in Punjabi Culture

Punjabi’s are known as light-hearted and lively people. They are fun loving people and always try to create fun in their daily routine. Punjabi dressing also shows their love for colors. The admiration to the colors is mostly given by Punjabi people. Their festivals, their food, and their diseases give essence of tradition. Variety and variation in colors are the main slogans of Punjabi people.

Different range of colors in Punjabi dresses differentiates them from other cultures and gives a unique identity to their region. During spring season, the major festival is of Basant festival which is famous all over the world.

In dresses, the major emphasis is on yellow, green and red colors, as according to the Punjabi people these colors express the beauty of spring season more than other colors. Punjabi culture has its own way of dressing.

Women come first when we talk about dressing and what is in; in the fashion industry and what is out. Punjabi women are not only fun loving but also very choosy in their dressing. They know very well how to dress up on different occasions. The culture of Punjab can easily depict by the dresses of their women on the special occasion.

Short Kameez and Patiala Shalwar in Lower Punjab:

In common, women of Punjab in Pakistan wear short kameez with Patiala shalwar. Usually, the colors are bold and concept of warm colors is more dominant in Punjabi dressing. Mostly these dresses are for the women who are mostly at home. The main cuts of Punjabi dresses are same in the every city of Punjab but according to the caste and area variation, a little change can be seen in different cities of Punjab.

If we talk about the lower Punjab areas, the people of that area are more interested to wear kameez with karhai. Dhaga is the most famous among all karhai elements. Chunri style dresses are also the specialty of the people of lower Punjab. On events, they usually use Gotta and Tilla work on their dresses to make them extraordinary appealing.

Dupattas give a special touch of innocence in the dressing of Punjabi people. The people of these areas usually love to wear heavy embroidered dresses with heavy jewelry, and Khusa’s give exceptional beauty to the people of this area.

Short Kameez and Patiala Shalwar in Upper Punjab:

The dressing sense of Punjabi women in upper Punjab is not that much different from lower Punjab but still distance matters a lot. Women in upper Punjab mostly like to wear machinery karhai and light embroidered dresses. In upper Punjab, you may experience that the work of silma, dapka and stones are usually most used elements in Punjabi culture for the special occasions. Kaulaporichappal can wear casually as well as it can wear on special events. Paranda is considered as an important part to complete Punjabi culture.

Overall Punjabi culture is full of colors and the people of Punjab are full of life. And we can see these aspects in the dressing of Punjabi women as well.

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